Here you can see some new and old news. Usually you will get more information, pictures or movies if you click on the pictures.

June 2016

Photography for new Alier website

Photography to the company Alier’s new web in cooperation with

We also made an internal film for the company.

June 2016

Harmony of the Seas

Reportage (text/photography/video) for the magazine Vi Menn from Harmony of the Seas- the world’s biggest cruise ship, during a 2-nights introduction-cruise

for the press.

May 2016

MS Koningsdam in Oslo

Photography of Holland America’s cruise ship Koningsdam during a visit to Oslo.

May 2016

HLF-film and photo

Film production and photo for Hørselshemmedes Landsforbund (HLF) during an arrangement in front of the Norwegian Parliament..

May 2016

Assignment for Norwegian Air

Photography of crew working on flights between Oslo and Malaga.

April 2016

Ovation of the Seas

Ovation of the Seas- the new Royal Caribbean ship photographed during a “One night mini-cruise” at the pier of Southampton.

More pictures can be seen in our cruise-related photo and video archive

March 2016

Reportage-photography for the magazine Utdanning

Wintersports-day for schoolchildren in Oslo.


March 2016

Portraits of Aslak Sira Myhre for the magazine Utdanning



Photography for The Norwegian Church Council to an advertising supplement.


November 2015

Film for Norkring

Film for Norkring to promote their Medianett services. Filmed on locations such as Friends Arena (Stockholm), Ullevål stadion (Oslo), and various Norkring offices and control rooms.

November 2015

Illustrations for Children in Norway 2015

Bo has for the 4th year in a row photographed and made the illustrations to the report Barn i Norge (Children in Norway) for the organisation Voksne for Barn (Adults for Children). This year´s theme is "youth and mental health".

August 2015

Photos of New Telenor CEO

Bo has photographed the newly appointed CEO, Sigve Brekke, for Telenor.

July 2015

Photography for Norwegian Air Shuttle

Bo has shot another round of photographs for Norwegian, where he followed the crew on flights between Oslo and Alicante.

June 2015

Presentation film for Norkring

We have created a presentation-film for Norkring, that will be screened at the IBC Awards 2015 in Amsterdam.

June 2015

Event film from Havnelangs 2015

Film for Oslo Havn from the event Havnelangs 2015. A day filled with fun and family-friendly activities near the seaside in Oslo.

February 2015

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Bo has photographed for Norwegian Air Shuttle on airplanes flying Oslo-Stockholm- New York-Oslo, and in the terminals. -It was challenging to handle difficult light conditions and at the same time not disturb the passengers or crew too much, says Bo.

November 2014

Illustrations for Children in Norway 2014

For the third year in a row Bo has photographed and made the illustrations to the report Barn i Norge (Children in Norway) for the organisation Voksne for Barn (Adults for Children).

September 2014

Cruise gallery

Welcome to a brand new and independent site for cruise related professional photography and video! Already at the launch our Cruise Gallery contains one of the most extensive collections of cruise photo and film, including time lapses, on the web.


Photos, video clips and time lapses (at low prices) can be downloaded quick and easy!

April 2014

Film from Geneva Motor Show 2014

Film from Geneva Motor Show 2014 . Produced for Motor magazine´s online issue, which is a web-version of the printed magazine. The magazine has nearly a million readers, and it also contains Bo´s photos from the Motor Show.

February 2014

Advertising photos for Steria Recruitment Campaign

Bo shot the pictures for Sterias latest recruitment campaign. The campaign has been ongoing for several years, with Bo as the appointed photographer.

December 2013

Photos for Telenor Group

Bo has created a series of pictures for Telenor Group´s global image bank. Here is a small selection of the pictures.

November 2013

Illustrations for Children in Norway 2013

The Children in Norway report 2013, produced by Voksne for Barn (Adults for Children), is focusing on the theme of child poverty and exclusion. Bo has photographed / created illustrations for the report, and some of the country´s foremost scholars have written

articles. Karin Gustavsen shares a few stories in her research: Boy (15): Why can`t we

be a real family, why can´t we have a nice time on Saturdays like other families? And a mother tells of her smallest child who counted down the days to her birthday, and of all the tears when they could not afford to celebrate the day.



October 2013

Presentation film for Byggtjeneste

The presentation was first shown for the participants at the NOBB-conference 2013.

They also want to use the film on their web and on their consultants lap tops/tablets, to display at meetings with customers. Jørgen Gilberg in Byggtjeneste writes: "Thank you for an amazing film!  To make the "story" as you did exceeded everyone´s expectations x 100!!! This was high class!"  (Takk for en utrolig bra film! Å få "historien" frem som du gjorde overgikk alles forventninger x 100!! Dette var det klasse over!)

August 2013

3 films for Norwegian Defence Research Establishment/FFI/Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt

The films present students in their summer jobs as researchers for FFI. The films are displayed at FFI´s web site (, at their Vimeo site ( and will

 be used at education fairs and such, to raise interest for FFI and recruit new students.


July 2013

Drone Photography

In June 2013 Journalisten presented an article about drone photography. Mathisen was interviewed for the article, and the cover of the the magazine shows Bo flying a quadcopter.

The online version of the article can be found here.


While previously flying with a temporary license, we have now got a permanent license for commercial UAV operations!


We´re operating with a quad-copter plus an octocopter for lifting DSLR cameras. We provide both still photography and film from the air.









June 2013

Hate Speech International

is a new journalistic initiative aiming at strengthening reporting on hate speech, hate crime and extremism. We made a film they want to use for presentation on web and more.





May 2013

Facebook Company Profile

Follow our new company profile on facebook!

February 2013

5 short films for Voksne for Barn

5 volunteers are talking about their individual experiences on what it is like to be working as a volunteer. Birthe Bratvold from the organisation reports: "We've received a rush of people who have registered with a wish to become volunteers, both as spokespersons and people who want to start local VFB communities! We are very pleased with this outcome :-) Everyone is super happy with how the films turned out, they are so beautiful and so incredibly good."



November 2012

Illustrations for Children in Norway 2012

Bo has created illustrations for the report "Barn i Norge 2012" ("Children in Norway 2012"), published by the organisation Voksne for Barn. The subject of the report is child welfare. The images are mostly created as a set of two - one image featuring children, and the other a conceptual image to match the main one. Composite images like these can be included in publications, annual reports, presentations, websites, digital media, or could be used as wall decorations for companies and homes.



October 2012

Info film for Norkring and Digitalradio Norway

Info-film about the establishment of DAB radio in Norway for Norkring and



June 2012

360° Interactive Photos

We are now producing advanced 360° interactive pictures for web and presentation use. Within the panorama you can look around in all directions- including all the way up or down. Multiple 360° images can be combined into a virtual tour. Music, video and maps may be incorporated into these presentations.



December 2011

Employee films for Entra Eiendom

Entra Eiendom launches 2 employee films on their website, which we have produced in Trondheim and Oslo.


View film: Stig Hasselvold, Trondheim


View film: Calle Borchsenius, Oslo


April 2011

Film for Grefsenkollen Restaurant

Film for Grefsenkollen Restaurant, which was recommended by the Michelin Guide this year. The film is primarily meant for their website, but it can have many uses. The restaurant serves excellent food and offers a bird's-eye-view over Oslo.


March 2011

Photography for TINE

More photos taken for TINE´s archive, consisting of products and people.



November 2010

Filming for NRK Documentary in South Sudan

Bo works as a one-man television crew in South Sudan. The recordings are taken with Canon DSLR cameras, and will be used in a documentary series about the Nile that will appear on NRK. Erik Hannemann, who was awarded 'Gullruten' in 2008 for a TV series about water, produces the film.



September 2010

Macro Photography for IDEX

Macro photography of tiny reflective sensors for Idex.


July 2010

Photography for TINE

Photography for TINE´s photo archive- from the cow, through the manufacturing process to the shops.



June 2010

Photography for Brønnøysundregistrene

Photos of people and the environment taken on location in Brønnøysund.


June 2010

Video Production for Orkla Finans

A short film with a mix of video and still images, primarily intended as an introduction film for lectures etc.



January 2010:

Rainforest Calendar

Rainforest Foundation Norway stocks calendars for 2010 with Bo's pictures of Wajãpi Indians in the Amazon. The calendar is printed in two sizes, the largest calendar is on sale in the Rainforest Foundation website. In addition, one of his pictures is featured on a postcard, which can also be purchased from the Rainforest Foundation.



December 2009:

Film Production for Eyvind Hellstrøm

Bo is working on a film production about Bagatelle, Norway`s premiere restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. The film is never finished because the restaurant is closed down.



November 2009:

Film for Climate Conference

Bo produces a film for Hafslund that is screened on Bright Green Expo for the Copenhagen UN Climate conference in December.  The film is based upon a film we made for Hafslund earlier this year.


October 2009:

Exhibition in London

Rainforest Foundation UK holds an exhibition in London as part of their 20-year anniversary.

Some of Bo's pictures from the Amazon is on display at the exhibition and are sold with certificates signed by the musician Sting.

All proceeds go to the Rainforest Foundation.


October 2009

Norwegian Documentary Photography

Bo is presented in the book Norsk dokumentar fotografi i dag (Norwegian Documentary Photography Today). The book with photographs from all 38 winning projects in Fritt Ords funding for documentary photography projects in 2007, is published by Press Forlag.


June 2009

Hafslund Film

The Climate Conference, CC9, in Sarpsborg, opens with a film we have produced about Hafslund. The film is well-received by members of the royal family (see picture) and other visitors. TV2 and NRK2 shows the film as part of a consignment of CC9.



April 2009:

Digigraphie Reflection Committee

Bo becomes a member of the Epson Digigraphie Reflection Committee



February 2009:

Annual Report Entra Eiendom

Bo shoots for the Entra Eiendom annual report.

The report, which is themed around environmental and social responsibility issues, is produced in

cooperation with design firm Tank.


September 2008:

Photos on Photokina

Bo provides 2 of the 24 photographs Epson showcases at their Digigraphie stand at the world's largest photo exhibition - Photokina.

The photos are from his trip to the Amazon in March 2008.

The photo exhibition is held in the German city of Cologne every 2 years, and in 2008 there were more than 160 000 visitors.

June 2008

Magasinet presents Bo´s photo

Lars Eivind Bones in Dagbladet´s Magasinet presents a photo from Bo's Amazon project.


June 2008

Reporting in has made a multimedia presentation where Bo talks about his meeting with Indians in the Amazon, along with photos from the trip.




June 2008

Article in Utdanning

Bo has a 4-page feature spread on the Wajãpi project in the magazine Utdanning.



May 2008

Article in A-Magasinet

Aftenposten`s A-Magasinet presents a story with pictures and text by Bo from the Wajãpi project over 8 1/2 pages.

May 2008

Exhibition outside Town Hall in Oslo

The exhibition Wajâpi in The Rainforest opens 29th May. The leader of the Rainforest Foundation, Lars Løvold, delivers the opening speech amidst a large gathering of people. The exhibition consists of 25 large photographs printed by Bo on an Epson printer for Digigraphie specifications. In addition, the exhibition provides useful information about the rainforest and The Rainforest Foundation. The exhibition is on display for over 3 months until the 31st of August.


May 2008


Bo is approved as a Digigraphie producer of Epson.

He is allowed to use the Digigraphie stamp on his photos printed in accordance with Epson's requirements for quality and durability.

April 2008

Back from Amazon

Bo is back from the Amazon, and after having undergone an operation removing insect eggs from the foot, starts work on text and photographs from the trip.




March 2008

Travelling to the Amazon

On 9th March Bo travels to the Amazon to create a photo project about the rainforest and Wajápi Indians.. From Macapa, in northern Brazil, the journey to the Indians lasts 3 days into the forest, 1 day by car and 2 days by boat. Together with the interpreter Mario, Bo follows the Wajápi Indians' daily life with his cameras. The project is made possible with assistance from The Rainforest Foundation and funds from Fritt Ord.



December 2007

Bo Presented in VG

"Every Sunday renown photographers presents one of their own pictures for VG7s readers. Here is Bo Mathisen´s chosen picture."

August 2007

Bo Featured in Double Spread in Kampanje (Campaign)


July 2007

Knut Førsund Photography School

Bo gives a lecture on documentary photography for Knut Førsund photography school online,


January / February 2007


Göteborgposten presents Bo´s pictures in ögonblicket (the moment), which is a part of the weekend supplement Två Dagar.  For the first time images from the same photographer is presented in two versions. The first photo shows Arafat taking a nap on the plane en route to Cairo, where part of the Oslo agreement should be signed. The next is from the ceremony in Cairo where Arafat, standing on the stage, refuses to sign the agreement.


Ad Campaign for Mesta

Mesta uses Bo´s photographs for a major ad campaign.



Communication Award

Bo receives 3rd place in the category 'Best Picture' in the Communication Awards.



August 2005

Bo is Photographer of the Month at





Ambulance Project in the Middle East

Bo works for 4 weeks as a one-man video team in the Middle East. He follows an exchange project initiated by the Norwegian Red Cross where Norwegian ambulance workers alternate between working with Israeli and Palestinian ambulance workers.




Communication Awards

Bo is awarded 3rd place in the category of 'Best Picture' in the Communication Awards.



Bo Awarded Silver in Grafill`s “Most Beautiful Book of the Year”

The photo documentary book Mayday, produced by Bo with his own images, is assigned silver in Grafill´s Most Beautiful Book competition.

November 2003

10-page Report in Fotografi

The Norwegian magazine Fotografi presents a 10-page article on Bo Mathisen and his book Mayday. Editor, Tore Holter, writes: "Bo Mathisen has created a fantastic book from his own publishing house."


November 2003

Mayday Reviewed in VG

Guri Hjeltnes of VG reviews the book and awards it a







October 2003

Book Review in Dagbladet



October 2003

VG Presents Pictures from Mayday

VG displays 22 photos from the Mayday exhibition, and includes the stories behind the pictures.





October 2003

Bo Publishes Mayday

The book consists of 216 pages with his own pictures, taken in nearly 20 countries throughout a 15-year period, and is self-published. The book achieves good reviews and a lot of positive comments. Several bookstores create exhibitions of photographs from the book.

Bo is invited to present Mayday on Breakfast TV on NRK and TV2.

The book is later awarded Silver in Grafill´s Most Beautiful Book of the Year.


October 2003

Exhibition at the Town Hall Square

Mayday - an exhibition of photographs by Bo`s book of the same name is held in the Town Hall Square of Oslo. Organisers are the project group for the Media and Communications Museum. Thorvald Stoltenberg opens the exhibition. United Nations Association create educational programs for schools based on the exhibition / book.


Read about the exhibition in VG

October 2003

Bo Presented in Magasinet

Tom Martinsen of Magasinet, Dagbladet Newspaper, presents pictures from Mayday in two editions of the magazine.


October 2003

The Book 118 Øyeblikk (118 Moments)

118 Øyeblikk consists of reportage images by Norwegian photographers, and was published by Dinamo Publishers.

Tom Martinsen has chosen the showcased photographers, amongst them Bo.

May 2003

TV Documentary Nominated for Gullruten Award

The documentary Tung (heavy) is nominated for Gullruten in the category Best TV Documentary, alongside 3 other documentaries.

The award ceremony took place in Grieghallen in Bergen, and the winner was Brennpunkt documentary "Det pedofile nettet".


February 2003

TV Documentary Tung on TV2

The documentary Tung (Heavy) appears in Document 2 on TV2. Knut Arne Bryn from Toten weighed almost 300 kg when he went to Kurcenter Ebeltoft in Denmark for help with obesity problems.

For several years he had without result tried to lose weight, and was not offered the help he needed by the Norwegian health care system.

Bo Mathisen filmed his struggle, and directed the documentary along with Anne Wangberg.

Fenris Film, Aslaug Holm and Tore Buvarp, produced the documentary.



Summer 2002

Video on CNN

In the summer of 2002 Bo Mathisen photographs and films for The International Red Cross in southern Africa.

The mission is to provide information to the world about the impending famine that threatens millions of people.

CNN uses much of Bo's material.

See on CNN (low quality rec from TV)


September 2001

Presentation in French Magazine

Bo is showcased in Monoeil, a French magazine for picture editors.

The first sentence reads: "Bo Mathisen est grand reporter."


April 2000

Bo quits VG

Bo takes a year's leave from VG to focus on producing a book and consider future career options.

He chooses to resign during the leave period and begins his career as an independent photographer.



Awarded in Photo of the Year

Bo gets 3rd place in the Photo of the Year- Norway “News Feature” category for photos taken in 1999.


October 1999

Exhibition at the Photo Fair in Gothenburg

Bo exhibits photographs depicting the life of the sugar workers in the Dominican Republic and shows the multi-vision After Yugoslavia with photographs from the war in The Former Yugoslavia.

Reporter Kari Andresen writes in VG: “His photo story of slave life of the Haitian sugar workers are alongside works by Annie Leibovitz and Don McCullin.

-Bo Mathisen is a very strong photographer, both technically and in terms of what he portrays, says Photo Trade Fair's program manager, Christina Andersen,

- like a Nordic Sebastio Salgado. In spite of the misery they depict, the images are also incomparably beautiful and says something that most people do not know about.

It is a documentary photographer's most important task. Mathisen's photographs were taken in 1995 and was later presented in a seven-page report in VG.

Apart from Bo Mathisen, only two Norwegians - Knut Bry and Morten Krogvold, have formerly presented a solo exhibition at the Photo Fair in Gothenburg,

that every year exhibits the work of the most interesting photographers."


2nd place in Photo of the Year

Bo receives 2nd place in the category News Feature in Picture of the Year- Norway, for pictures taken in 1997.



1st place Fuji Award

Bo receives 1st prize for best picture taken in 1997 - News category at the Fuji Awards.


The decoration of the new Red Cross headquarters

Bo's photographs are used as decoration in the new headquarters of the Norwegian Red Cross, and a multi-vision with Bo's pictures from the former Yugoslavia is displayed at the opening.



Six Prizes in Photo of the Year

Bo received 6 prizes in Photo of the Year for images photographed in 1995.


Winning the Fuji Awards

Bo wins the Fuji Awards in Norway and represents Norway in the international competition

where he received "Award of Merit".



3rd place in Photo of the Year

Bo is awarded 3rd place in the category News in Photo of the Year



1st place in the Fuji Award

Bo wins 1st place in the Fuji Awards - News category



Winner of Picture of the Year

Bo wins his 10th and 11th Photo of the Year Award in recent years.

This time the main prize in the Photo of the Year, and 1st prize in the category News Report, is allocated.


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